We are a fulltime fire department located in the eastern part of Ohio. We are about an hour and a half south from Cleveland and about 2 hours from Columbus OH and Pittsburgh PA.

We have a staff of 21 firefighters working on a 24/48 schedule. We have 1 Chief and an Administrative assistant.

We operate out of 1 station and we run 2 Medics, 1 Tower, 1 Engine, 1 Rescue/Engine, 1 Tanker, 1 Brush, 1 Dive Rescue, And 1 Capt. vehicle.

We respond to an average of 2500-2700 calls per year. We cover a variety of area from rural to urban to industrial and commercial. We cover all types of calls from medical emergencies to Hazmat and High angle rope rescue and everything in between.

Our Staff

Lt. Micheal Pearch 08/08/1988

Chief James Parrish 02/04/1992

Lt. Robert Smith 03/04/1992

Capt. Wesley Tucke 04/22/1996

Capt. James Sholtz 07/23/1996

Capt. Matthew Tharp 03/20/1997

James Miceli 02/08/1999

Jeffrey Parks 05/10/1999

Brock Burris 05/24/1999

Keith DeVault 06/07/1999

Matthew Graham 03/06/2000

Wesley Halter 12/19/2000

Lt. Robert Snyder Ill 10/27/2001

Brandon Winnie 03/11/2002

Ryan Murphy 12/08/2003

Walter Dryden 12/15/2003

Zachary Campbell 08/14/2006

Scott Torchik 04/07/2008

Steve Wright 05/10/2010

Jarod Lawver 06/19/2014

Nick McCoy 08/13/2014

Zachary Geib 10/21/2014